Building a clean economy with good middle-class jobs

Canadians have been clear: they want good jobs, clean air, and an economy where everyone has a real and fair chance at success. Our goverment has the right plan in place to deliver just that. Thanks to the work our government has done in the last year to attract historic manufacturing deals for electric [...]

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Making life more affordable for families

The rising cost of living has made it difficult for Canadian families to pay their bills. From higher grocery prices to the rising cost of rent, millions of Canadians are struggling with the rising cost of living. That’s why we: Doubled the GST tax credit for 6 months; Permanently eliminated interest on Canada Student [...]

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Working with our Indo-Pacific partners to grow the economy and create good jobs

As a Pacific nation, maintaining and building relationships with our partners in the Indo-Pacific is important for all Canadians. Building these relationships helps us create good jobs here at home, grow the economy to benefit all Canadians, and keep our environment healthy for generations to come. Yesterday we launched the Indo-Pacific Strategy – a [...]

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Protecting our communities from gun violence

Fewer guns mean safer communities. Our communities should be safe places to live, worship, raise children, and spend time with friends and family. Canadians across the country have called for swift and strong action on gun violence – and that’s exactly what we’re delivering. We’re doing more than any government in a generation to [...]

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What is the government doing to tackle inflation?

Canadians are feeling the rising cost of living and many are worried about paying for gas and groceries. That’s why today – as Parliament resumed – our first order of business was to table legislation to help make life more affordable for Canadians; putting more money back in the pockets of those who need [...]

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Supporting seniors in long-term care

After a lifetime of hard work and sacrifice, seniors deserve to be able to grow old with dignity and enjoy high-quality care. But the last two years have highlighted long-standing gaps in our long-term care system which have proved devastating for seniors, their families, and those who care for them. We are taking action [...]

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Producing made-in-Canada vaccines

The Government of Canada’s top priority remains protecting the health and safety of all Canadians. Since the beginning of the pandemic, we worked hard to secure life-saving personal protective equipment, invest in our health care system, and ensure everyone could get vaccinated. As we recover from the pandemic, we will continue to strengthen Canada’s [...]

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Investing in Canada’s autoworkers and our clean future

Canada’s auto manufacturing sector has always played a crucial role in our economy, supporting hundreds of thousands of families. Our strength in manufacturing, combined with world-class innovation, makes Canada a natural leader in designing and building the electric vehicles of the future. With smart investments, we’re setting the Canadian auto industry up for success, [...]

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Canada launches new temporary residence pathway to welcome those fleeing the war in Ukraine

The resiliency and courage of Ukrainians have inspired the world, and Canada is unwavering in its commitment to provide support to Ukraine as it fights for its sovereignty and for the democratic ideals that our countries share. In response to Vladimir Putin’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, the Honourable Sean Fraser, Minister of Immigration, Refugees [...]

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