Innovative solutions and a lot of hard work – that’s what it takes to beat a housing crisis.

Through the Housing Accelerator Fund, we’re tackling the root of the problem: making it easier to build more homes at prices Canadians can afford.

Since September, we’ve fast-tracked 600,000 new homes – with new agreements coming every week.

Building more homes Canadians can afford also means removing barriers and getting shovels in the ground – that’s exactly what we’re doing. We’re cutting red tape, fast-tracking construction, and changing the way cities build housing. We’re also helping build the right kind of homes that provide more options – near transit, near school, and near opportunity.

That’s not just in urban centers – we’re building homes for all Canadians: from Squamish to Summerside to Toronto, from small towns to big cities, in rural and Indigenous communities.

Getting more homes built is a Team Canada effort. Let’s roll up our sleeves and work together to build more homes Canadians can afford.