Fewer guns mean safer communities. Our communities should be safe places to live, worship, raise children, and spend time with friends and family. Canadians across the country have called for swift and strong action on gun violence – and that’s exactly what we’re delivering.

We’re doing more than any government in a generation to keep Canadians safe from gun violence. In 2020, we banned over 1,500 types of assault-style weapons like the AR-15, because weapons of war don’t belong in our communities. Earlier this year we introduced Bill C-21, which will implement a national freeze on handguns, address the alarming role of guns in gender based-violence and get tough on organized crime.

On top of this, we’re also:
• Taking action at Canada’s borders, with investments in the CBSA and RCMP to fight smuggling and stop guns from coming into Canada;
• Launching a buyback program to get assault-style weapons off of our streets, once and for all; and,
• Stopping gun violence before it starts by investing in programs and prevention to help young people succeed and build stronger communities.

One life taken by gun violence is one too many.