We promised Canadians that COVID-19 vaccine shipments would dramatically accelerate during the spring and summer, and we’ve stuck to our word. This week alone, Canada received more than a million doses from Pfizer, as well as more than 850,000 doses from Moderna. By the end of June, we’ll receive more than 44 million doses of vaccines from Pfizer, Moderna and AstraZeneca, and by the end of September, we’ll have more than enough vaccines for every Canadian that wants one.

More Canadians are getting their dose every day, but across Canada, but we’re still fighting the virus. More dangerous and contagious variants are spreading and ICU beds in hospitals are filling to capacity with younger and younger patients. This is not only putting incredible pressure on the doctors, nurses and other healthcare heroes working long hours to keep Canadians safe and healthy, it’s also putting Canadians with severe illnesses like cancer in harm’s way as non-COVID related treatments and operations continue to be cancelled or postponed.

We’re all sick and tired of COVID-19, but we can’t afford to let this third wave sink all our hard work to get the virus under control. Please stay home whenever possible, avoid all nonessential travel and gatherings, wear a double or triple-layer mask when outside and download and use the COVID Alert app. We’ll need to work together to get through this, but together, we can secure a safer summer, and a brighter and healthier future for all Canadians.