The rising cost of living has made it difficult for Canadian families to pay their bills. From higher grocery prices to the rising cost of rent, millions of Canadians are struggling with the rising cost of living. That’s why we:

  • Doubled the GST tax credit for 6 months;
  • Permanently eliminated interest on Canada Student and Apprentice Loans;
  • Introduced a new, quarterly Canada Workers Benefit;
  • Created the Canada Dental Benefit for kids under 12; and
  • Introduced a $500 top-up to the Canada Housing Benefit.

Plus, our government is taking action to make life more affordable by delivering affordable child care. Last year, we cut child care fees and added affordable child care spaces in every province and territory, and these savings are making a difference from coast to coast to coast. Our early learning and child care system has cut costs for:

  • families in British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, Newfoundland and Labrador, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and the Northwest Territories by an average of 50%;
  • families in Saskatchewan by an average of 70%;
  • families in Manitoba, who are on track to have their child care fees reduced to $10 a day this year;
  • families in Nunavut, who now have $10-a-day child care – three years ahead of schedule; and,
  • families in Quebec and the Yukon, who already had child care at $10 a day or lower, have seen additional spaces created.

From day one, our government has been focused on creating good jobs for the middle class, safe communities with clean air, and an economy where everyone has a real and fair chance to succeed. We cut taxes for the middle class, created the Canada Child Benefit which has lifted 435,000 kids out of poverty, and cut child care fees and created more affordable child care spaces right across the country.

We’re going to continue moving forward on our plan to make life more affordable for people and build an economy that works for all Canadians.