As a Pacific nation, maintaining and building relationships with our partners in the Indo-Pacific is important for all Canadians. Building these relationships helps us create good jobs here at home, grow the economy to benefit all Canadians, and keep our environment healthy for generations to come.

Yesterday we launched the Indo-Pacific Strategy – a comprehensive road map, with nearly $2.3 billion in investments, to deepen our engagement in the Indo-Pacific over the next decade, strengthen economic growth to benefit people on both sides of the Pacific, create opportunities for Canadian businesses, and accelerate the transition to a clean economy, including by sharing and expanding Canada’s expertise in areas like critical minerals.

The strategy has five main objectives:

  • Promoting peace, resilience, and security by enhancing our defence and security relationships with regional partners and allies;
  • Creating opportunities for Canadian businesses to access new markets;
  • Building on our people to people ties and strengthening our international assistance;
  • Building a more sustainable and green future; and,
  • Expanding and deepening Canada’s engagement in the Indo-Pacific.

We’re focused on building an economy that works for all Canadians.

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