After a lifetime of hard work and sacrifice, seniors deserve to be able to grow old with dignity and enjoy high-quality care. But the last two years have highlighted long-standing gaps in our long-term care system which have proved devastating for seniors, their families, and those who care for them.

We are taking action through the Safe Long-Term Care Fund – improving the quality of care for those living in long-term care facilities by providing provinces and territories with financial resources to hire additional staff, invest in PPE, reduce crowding, and keep seniors safe. This builds on historic investments made in Budget 2022 to make sure our healthcare system can support Canadians as they age with many investments, including in innovations in brain health and improving treatment for those living with dementia. This summer, we boosted OAS payments by 10% for seniors 75 and over, putting an additional $800 in the pockets of full pensioners this year.

 From day one, our government has been there for seniors. We lowered the retirement age to 65, we boosted OAS and the GIS to make sure seniors could keep up with the rising cost of living. And we’re investing to keep seniors in long-term care safe.

We’ll keep working with the provinces and territories to support seniors in long-term care and strengthen our healthcare system for decades to come.