LONGUEUIL, March 19, 2019 – The Member for Longueuil—Charles-LeMoyne and Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Seniors, Sherry Romanado, believes that the new investments in the 2019 budget ensures that the citizens of Longueuil—Charles-LeMoyne have good reasons to feel more confident about what the future holds for them and their families.

In this year’s federal budget, there are several concrete steps that will , among other things, make homeownership more affordable for first-time buyers by implementing a FirstTime Home Buyer Incentive, a shared equity mortgage program that would reduce the mortgage payments required to own a home. The government also plans to provide eligible Canadians with better access to their Registered Retirement Savings Plan savings to buy a home.

In order to prepare young Canadians for good jobs and make education more affordable, budget 2019 will lower interest rates on Canada Student Loans and Canada Apprentice Loans by a variable rate to a preferential rate, allowing graduate Canadiens to save money. In this budget, the governement also set a target to create up to 84,000 new work experience placements per year, to help young people who are in school learn new skils and build resumes.

Our government also wants to help workers gain new skills with the creation of the new Canada Training Benefit, a benefit that will give workers money to help pay for training, provide income support during training, and, with the cooperation of the provinces and territories, offer job protection so that workers can take the time they need to keep their skills relevant and in-demand.

In order to support low-income Canadian seniors who choose to stay in the workforce, the governement will enhance the Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS) earnings exemption so that they can effectively keep more of their hard-earned income.  We are also taking additional measures to ensure greater financial security for Canadians when they retire. In order for all Canadian workers to take full advantage of the Canada Pension Plan benefits they have participated in, we will proactively register contributors aged 70 or older in 2020 who have not yet applied to receive their pension benefits.  With this change, up to 40,000 seniors will start receiving an additional $300 a month, on average, starting next year.

To support municipalities’ local infrastructure priorities, our governement is proposing a one-time top-up of $2.2 billion through the Federal Gas Tax Fund that will double our Government’s commitment to municipalities in 2018-19, and make sure communities have the funds they need to pay for crucial repairs and other important local projects.

“The investments in the 2019 budget mean good paying jobs today and the promise of a better future, even in a world of change. It means building a better Canada, a stronger and better connected country. It means bringing real change for which Canadians have elected us. It is for these reasons that the government has the confidence to make investments that will strengthen and enhance the quality of life for Canadians and residents of Longueuil—Charles-LeMoyne,” says Sherry Romanado, Member of Parliament for Longueuil—Charles-LeMoyne and Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Seniors.


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