Protecting our environment and fighting climate change are issues that concern us all and urgently require our collective action. That is why our government is working closely with international partners, our provinces and territories, municipalities and Indigenous peoples to meet these major challenges.

You too are part of the solution. As an individual, there are daily actions you can take to reduce your ecological footprint* and contribute to the protection of the environment.

To give you some ideas about ways you can reduce your environmental impact, we have compiled a list of references on the subject available online.

*What is an ecological footprint?

According to the Canadian Index of Wellbeing based at the University of Waterloo,

“Ecological Footprint measures the pressure for resources each person, group, or human activity places on the planet. The Ecological Footprint indicator tells us how much biologically productive land space (e.g. forests, farm lands, fisheries, etc.) a population needs in order to provide the resources being used, and to absorb the waste being generated by that population.”

Source: Canadian Index of Wellbeing, Ecological Footprint