Monsieur le Président,

Je suis heureuse de souligner, aujourd’hui, la Journée nationale des aînés.

Profitons de cette occasion pour reconnaître, célébrer et rendre hommage à tous les aînés pour les précieuses contributions qu’ils ont apportées et continuent d’apporter à nos familles, à nos milieux de travail, à nos collectivités et au Canada.

Seniors worked hard for us and we are working hard for them. We took action to improve income security by restoring the age of eligibility from 67 to 65 for the Old Age Security pension and the Guaranteed Income Supplement and increased the GIS for the most vulnerable single seniors by almost $1000 per year. We took concrete steps to improve healthcare services, increase affordable and accessible housing and promote social inclusion for Canadian seniors.

Mr. Speaker, seniors helped build our country and left us a strong legacy. On National Seniors Day, I invite everyone to join me in thanking seniors across Canada for making a positive difference in all of our lives.

Thank you.